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I remember when.....


In my last post, I spoke of growing with the times. With such growth comes unique stories. These stories shape the evolution of ideas, creations, and innovation.

A phrase that doesn't expire is " I remember when..." We are intrigued when the storytelling begins. We all listen with excitement to how one's story began.

Do you know why? Because it reflects the growth of that individual. It provides us with wisdom and admiration for that person's journey. A reflection of evolving times.

Having witnessed firsthand folks not being able to embrace change, I have seen abrupt stalls of brands while others rocket towards the future. The emotion behind such pushbacks is fear. But FEAR NOT! Life is all about continuous improvement. Trust evolution!

Let's begin by imagining your life with the changes.

Let's talk through what that means to you?

How do you envision the impact?

Are you afraid of what you don't know?

Are you afraid of the learning process?

Will I be able to adapt to these changes?

Let me take on your fear and flip it to success!

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