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Defining Leadership

Leadership in an organization is a social process that enables individuals to work together effectively to achieve shared goals and objectives. It involves creating direction, alignment, and commitment within a group or team.

Key Aspects of Organizational Leadership


Organizational leadership involves setting a clear and compelling vision or direction for the organization. It requires agreement within the group on the overall goals and where the organization is headed. With a shared sense of direction, everyone's efforts are focused and aligned with the larger objectives.


Effective organizational leadership ensures alignment among team members and different parts of the organization. It facilitates coordination and collaboration, enabling individuals to work together cohesively towards common goals. Alignment ensures that resources and efforts are not wasted due to lack of coordination.


Organizational leaders foster a sense of mutual responsibility and commitment among team members. When people feel committed to the shared vision and goals, they are more motivated and engaged in their work, leading to better performance and results.

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